Dallas Cowboys: Gallimore and Bohanna on the wrong side of the bubble

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The Dallas Cowboys are deep on the defensive line. From elite front-end starters to starting-caliber back-ups to high-potential players on the rise, Dan Quinn’s guys are a talented bunch.

While this bodes well for the final product, it doesn’t bode so well for guys like Quinton Bohanna and Neville Gallimore.

Reminiscent of 2022 when things appeared to be too little/too late for Tristen Hill, the window of opportunity might have passed by for Bohanna and Gallimore.

The way the roster stands today, Quinton Bohanna and Neville Gallimore are on the wrong side of the bubble and likely Dallas Cowboys cuts.

First things first – how many defensive linemen are expected to make the 53-man cut? Nine? Ten? Based on the Dallas Cowboys’ past, it’s hard to believe it will be any more than that. The Cowboys value a deep rotation on their line so they naturally go long on there. But if they go too deep on the D-line, they’ll have to steal from other units and other units don’t have much to give.

Dallas Cowboys locks

At defensive end Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, Sam Williams and Dorance Armstrong are locks (although I make the case Armstrong should be traded while his value is high).

At defensive tackle Mazi Smith, Osa Odighizuwa, Chauncey Golston, Viliami Fehoko and Johnathan Hankins appear to be locks (Fehoko and Golston are expected to play mostly inside).

This totals nine already.

Dallas Cowboys bubble

Some may consider Dante Fowler a lock to make the team but he appears to be more insurance policy should one of the big names above fall to significant injury in camp. The Dallas Cowboys probably aren’t eager to steal snaps from Parsons, Lawrence, Williams or Armstrong just to give Fowler snaps.

Joining Fowler on the bubble are Gallimore and Bohanna. They are two drafted players who have failed to live up to expectations. They’re young enough to be considered developing prospects but they aren’t spring chickens either. At some point they have to do something.

The problem is there may not be room for them unless they virtually explode.

The Dallas Cowboys don’t like to overload at the 1-tech. They can make room for two run-stopping pluggers but rarely employ more one-dimensional linemen than that. With Mazi Smith and Johnathan Hankins, they appear to already be at their limit (Mazi will take time to develop any pass-rushing prowess).

That’s an issue for Bohanna.

Bohanna, 6-foot-4, 360 pounds will likely never be a more than a plugger in the NFL. He doesn’t have the build, speed, or agility to pressure passers. Unless he proves to be better than Hankins as a run-stuffer, it’s going to be hard for him to claim a spot on the 53.

Gallimore is more versatile than Bohanna as a player but he’s arguably worse in both aspects. Gallimore was one of the worst run defenders in the NFL in 2022 and while he has some burst to his game, he’s yet to show much of anything as a pass-rusher.

dark. Next. Is Jourdan Lewis a tradable asset for the Cowboys?

Unless the Dallas Cowboys suffer a couple significant injuries to their interior AND these players play better than last seen in 2022, it’s probably too little/too late for Bohanna and Gallimore.

  • Published on 06/28/2023 at 11:01 AM
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