Dallas Cowboys should get USFL reinforcements coming their way

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Building an NFL roster is a 24/7, 365 days a year kind of job. The Dallas Cowboys always have their eyes on potential improvements and Will McClay is known to be one of the savviest pro personnel men on the planet.

Bill Parcells used to speak of his desire to churn the bottom of the roster up to and throughout training camp. If someone became available, he wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade. He had no issue cutting fringe players if he thought the slightest upgrade was available and that philosophy lives on with the Dallas Cowboys today.

The USFL season is concluding, and a pool of viable players are about to hit the market, giving the Dallas Cowboys options to add to their roster.

The Dallas Cowboys are no strangers to raiding the lesser leagues for players. Look no further than KaVontae Turpin from last season. He came over as the MVP and immediately earned a job returning kicks and punts in Dallas.

He made the Pro Bowl his first year in with Dallas and represents one of the biggest USFL-to-NFL success stories there is. The Cowboys can point to that as they court future USFL players looking to sign with NFL teams.

Kicker promises to be one of the most likely positions for the Cowboys to address. There are a handful of decent option who are already in their grove. Unlike full-time players, kickers don’t wear down as much moving directly from one league to the next. Turpin was noticeably fatigued last winter – kickers shouldn’t have that issue.

The Cowboys could also look to the USFL for RB depth. They have a grab-bag of mystery behind Tony Pollard on the depth chart and may want to throw a bunch more options at the wall in camp to see what sticks. It beats paying veteran money to a depth RB if they don’t have to.

Dallas has also repeatedly stated their desire to add a CB to the mix since Jourdan Lewis is still recovering from his terrible lis franc injury.

Guard is something, at least outwardly, they expressed confidence in this offseason. They love their options on the roster and want to see how things shake out. D-line is also loaded already so the chances of making a major effort in adding a star USFL player is probably slim.

WR is overloaded already as is TE. But the Cowboys are always in the market for LBs who can play special teams so that wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

Look for a rookie to stand out for the Cowboys in 2023. dark. Next

At the end of the day the Dallas Cowboys have a handful of areas they could churn when the USFL season officially ends after the championship. Look for a shake-up.

  • Published on 06/29/2023 at 16:01 PM
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