Dallas Mavericks enjoying one of their best offseasons in years

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They don’t always go like this. For those who are upset about the Dallas Mavericks ability to use their full non-taxpayer midlevel exception, just know it could be worse. In fact, it usually is.

The Mavericks history this past decade is marred in offseason failures. It seems every conceivable plan has blown up their faces. From free agent targets, to can’t miss trades, to draft day failures, the Mavs have found a way to muck things up.

The Dallas Mavericks nailed the draft and they nailed the trade market already making this offseason far better than previous endeavors.

The Dallas Mavericks got their man. It took a trade but they got Grant Williams. How many times can we say that? The Mavs have notoriously swung and missed on their top summer targets dating back to the days following their title defense.

After recent news Portland decided to match the offer for Matisse Thybulle it’s easy to get down on the Mavericks offseason. They didn’t successfully sign their top free agent target Bruce Brown, and have yet to add a starting center to the mix.

But considering how much the Mavericks had on their plate this summer and how many boxes they’ve already checked, shows this has been one of the most successful offseasons in years.

Dumping bad deals

One of the top objectives this offseason was getting out from under a few bad contracts. Davis Bertans, Tim Hardaway Jr. and JaVale McGee were the top three contracts the Mavericks wanted to dump.

Dumping just one bad deal is tough enough. Three is almost impossible unless a team is willing to include assets with much back in return. Without extra assets to give the Mavs had to be savvy with their moves. Draft day was the epitome of savvy.

The Dallas Mavericks used their top pick in the draft to move back two spots and unload the ugliest of their three deals when they sent Bertans packing. It still leaves two bad contracts on the books but there should be enough time still to address those.

Dallas Mavericks made great draft picks

Draft picks are a crap shoot so nothing definitive can be said of the Mavs picks, but as things appear today they had an A+ draft day. First, the aforementioned trade to ship of Bertans: Dallas was able to unload a bad contract and get a pick two spots later and a trade exception.

Picking Dereck Lively at 12, they got the player they would have drafted at 10 anyway so it was all house money. As explained last month, Lively is a high floor/ high ceiling player who could be a star in the league.

As a former top prospect he’s yet to scratch the surface on his potential but has enough serviceable traits today he can valuable even if he doesn’t take the next step.

The Mavericks used the trade exception in tat trade to move back into the first round by taking on a manageable contract.  They picked up Olivier-Maxence Prosper who is a defensive specialist who could serve an important role in the near future.

Draft day was a major win for Dallas.

Dallas Mavericks free agency

While Bruce Brown was priced far outside the Mavs price range, Dallas found other ways to add talent. They brought in familiar face and sharpshooter extraordinaire, Seth Curry, and took a flyer on former draft bust Axum after reigniting his career overseas.

They completed a sign-and-trade with Boston to add Grant Williams and still have the full mid-level exception to sign a free agent or two.

Unfinished business

The Mavs still have plenty of things to accomplish this offseason. They have to get a starting center and another starting caliber wing but they have the non tax-payer exception to get it done. They also have Hardaway and McGee to unload and could flip them for more useful pieces.

The Dallas Mavericks have had a wildly successful offseason and they aren’t finished. How things wrap up will go a long way in dictating the success or failure of their offseason but so far things have gone great.

  • Published on 07/08/2023 at 11:01 AM
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