3 Best Remaining Free Agents the Cowboys Can Sign During OTAs

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3. Michael Thomas

For the past week or so, it has been rumored that former Offensive Player of the Year Michael Thomas could possibly sign with the Cowboys this off-season. Thomas could be a great fit for the Cowboys and help rejuvenate the somewhat dismantled offense after losing both Gallup and Tony Pollard this off-season. 

Although it has become painfully apparent that Thomas's best days of his career are behind, he was at one time one of the greatest, most explosive receivers in the league during his prime, as he was able to gain over 1,000 receiving yards in the first four consecutive seasons of his career while being one of the most dominant receivers in league history.

Although he is past his prime, he could still serve as a solid third option for the Cowboys receiving core if he can remain healthy. 

However, staying healthy appears to remain a perpetual issue for Thomas. He has only played in 20 games over the past four seasons and has not been able to stay healthy for a whole season since 2019. When healthy, however,Thomas appears to be still a reliable receiver, gaining over 448 yards last season off of only 39 receptions. 

Overall, Thomas could be a great low-risk option for the Cowboys this off-season. If he can remain healthy for more than a portion of the season, he could be another solid receiver for Dak to trust, which seems to be something that the team is currently lacking.  

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