3 Cowboys Who Are Already Blowing Us Away at Training Camp

These 3 Cowboys players are already making a great first impression at training camp.

These three Dallas Cowboys are already blowing us away at training camp.
These three Dallas Cowboys are already blowing us away at training camp. / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports
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Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy knows that this might be his most important training camp yet. The pressure is on for a deep playoff run, meaning the former Super Bowl-winning coach needs to be sure that he has the best roster possible heading into September.

McCarthy and his staff have 90 players to evaluate before they trim things down for the 53-man roster. While some individuals are searching for their breakout moment, others have already turned heads during the summer months.

Here's a look at three standout performers at Cowboys training camp so far.

Cowboys Training Camp Standouts 2023

1. Jalen Brooks

Expectations are typically low for seventh-round picks, but wide receiver Jalen Brooks has already turned some onlookers into believers.

Brooks is doing everything in his power to crack the 53-man roster. He's made some great catches at scrimmages and showed that he's capable of being a red-zone threat by scoring two touchdowns in one practice earlier this week.

It's hard not to raise expectations too much, but it's hard not to when the former South Carolina Gamecock has also displayed a likable, hard-working personality. He told team reporter Nick Harris that he won't allow any training camp success to get to his head and in the way of his goal.

Last season was the first time since 2018 that the Cowboys didn't finish with a top-10 passing attack. Adding a 6-foot-2, 201-pound wideout to the mix would help get things back on track while giving Dak Prescott a dangerous WR4/5 to work with.

There's no reason to start doubting Brooks any time soon. As long as he doesn't completely fall off once the preseason games begin, he's a legitimate threat to make the team.