3 Cowboys Defenders Who Will Break Out Under Mike Zimmer

Which Dallas Cowboys defenders will break out under new DC Mike Zimmer?
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2. Juanyeh Thomas, Safety

One of the most crucial positions in the Mike Zimmer defense is the safety spot. Although Donovan Wilson is not a traditional "breakout" candidate, he could reach a new level under Zimmer, who has coached some tremendous safeties in the past regardless of NFL Draft status. He's worked with first-round picks like Harrison Smith and undrafted guys like Anthony Harris.

That bodes well for the entire safety room in Dallas, which includes some really good-looking young players behind the starters on the depth chart.

And the Cowboys had three starters at the position last year along with some outstanding depth. One player Cowboys fans have been begging to see more of is Juanyeh Thomas, a former undrafted player out of Georgia Tech whose impressive 6-foot-3, 217-pound frame makes him such an intriguing breakthrough candidate.

In 2023, Thomas had 22 total tackles and four passes broken up in limited action, but he could see an increased role in 2024 under Zimmer and reap the benefits of the hard work that has been put in by this coaching staff in developing this young player.

Whether he's playing on the back end or being moved around the defense as a chess piece, I expect Zimmer to work hard at finding Thomas a more prominent role on this Dallas defense in 2024.