3 Cowboys Due for a Breakout Season in 2024

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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As we know, this has not been an ideal off-season for the Cowboys. In addition to the fact that the front office has been very passive in signing players, to say the least, the Cowboys have also lost several of their star players to either retirement or the free agent market this off-season, like Tony Pollard and Tyron Smith, for instance, along with several others. 

Due to the Cowboys roster dwindling this off-season and the front office signing very few, if any, free agents, there are several gaps in the depth chart that current young Cowboys are looking to fill and possibly make a name for themselves in Dallas by doing so.

There are a multitude of young Cowboys on the roster who have the potential to have a solid season with the team and help contribute to another promising season. Some players, in particular, have shown significant promise so far in their time in Dallas, making fans and media think they are due for a breakout season in 2024.

Below, we will list three players who have the potential to have a breakout season with the Cowboys and become some of the most prominent players in their position across the league. 

1. Jalen Tolbert

Jalen Tolbert is entering his third year with the Cowboys and is looking to have a much bigger role on the team than he has had in his previous two seasons. The odds of Tolbert becoming a more prominent member of the Cowboys' offense were increased earlier this off-season when it was announced that Cowboys long-time receiver Michael Gallup will not be returning to Dallas after signing a one-year deal with the Los Vegas Raiders. 

With Gallup heading out the door and the Cowboys doing seemingly nothing to replace him, many fans believe that Tolbert is the perfect option to replace Gallup. Despite his limited playing time over the past two seasons, Tolbert has shown signs of being a promising NFL receiver, gaining 268 receiving yards last season off of only 22 receptions.  

With Tolbert showing potential to be a solid receiver and already having a strong connection with Dak, there is a good chance that he could be a much bigger part of the Cowboys' offensive scheme this upcoming season if he performs well throughout the pre-season.