3 Cowboys Due for a Breakout Season in 2024

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Jake Ferguson

Last season, Jake Ferguson quickly became one of Dak's favorite people to pass the football to and resembled Cowboys legend Jason Witten throughout the season. Going into his third season with the Cowboys, Ferguson is looking for his role in the offense to be increased, and he could be on the verge of having a breakout season for the Boys. 

Multiple factors could help Ferguson turn into a breakout star for the Cowboys. One of the most significant factors is that due to the loss of Tony Pollard, this off-season and the team doing very little to replace him, the Cowboys will most likely be relying much more heavily on the passing game, which should lead to Ferguson getting the ball much more frequently then has in the past. Another factor I have already mentioned is that Michael Gallup will not be returning to the Cowboys this upcoming season, which could potentially increase Ferguson's role in the passing game and make him a much more vital target for Dak, especially in the end zone.

Overall, Ferguson appears to have the potential to become one of the most dominant tight ends in the game. If things go Ferguson's way and he can remain one of Dak's favorite targets, he can possibly put up Travis Kelce-type numbers for the Cowboys this year and become one of the biggest breakout stars in the league.

3. Rico Dowdle

After the Cowboys allowed Tony Pollard to sign with the Tennessee Titans and then made the perplexing decision to do nothing in return besides signing an aging Ezekiel Elliott, many Cowboy fans, including myself, were wondering what exactly the Cowboys executives were thinking. However after looking back at Rico Dowdle stats from last season I am starting to think that the Cowboys decision to do almost nothing in terms of signing a productive running back was not as mind boggling as I once believed.

Last year, as Tony Pollard's backup, Dowdle put up solid numbers that seemed to have gone unnoticed by most. He averaged 4.1 yards a carry while rushing for 362 yards off of only 89 carries. 

It remains to be seen how Dowdle can perform as a starter alongside Elliott, but last season did at least show signs that Dowdle has the potential to become a solid running back in the league.

Hopefully, Dowdle can become a solid lead back for the Cowboys. If he is able to put up strong numbers throughout the season, he has the potential to be one of the biggest breakout stars for the Cowboys this season.

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