3 Cowboys Most Likely to Be Traded by Roster Cutdown Day

They're too good to cut, but not good enough to keep.
Most likely Cowboys players to be traded by roster cutdown day.
Most likely Cowboys players to be traded by roster cutdown day. / JUAN CARLO/THE STAR / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Cowboys will have some big decisions to make regarding their roster by cutdown day on Aug. 29. For a team with quality depth up and down the board, releasing players is even more difficult, especially if there's nothing coming back in return.

That's why Dallas would be smart to seek out deals for contributors who could make an impact elsewhere. With that in mind, here are the three most likely players to be traded before the roster is cut to 53.

Cowboys Trade Candidates

1. Kavontae Turpin

Kavontae Turpin's job isn't as secure as you'd expect after making the Pro Bowl last season.

Dallas drafted electric running back Deuce Vaughn in April, and he's provided some legit competition in the kick return game during training camp. Vaughn's also proven to be an immediate contributor in the backfield, running away with the RB2 job after his promising preseason performance so far.

That means Vaughn can solve two problems for Dallas while taking up just one roster spot. Turpin, meanwhile, still isn't on opponents' radars as a receiving threat, so the team would be spending a slot on a relatively limited contributor.

Holding on to Turpin doesn't make the most sense for the Cowboys given they already have a suitable replacement abroad. There are bound to be several franchises where the Pro Bowler would be a no-doubt starter, though. Truly impactful kick returners are hard to come by, and Dallas should be able to get some compensation in exchange for the special teams star.