3 Cowboys on the Trade Block After the NFL Draft

These 3 Cowboys could be on the outside of the roster bubble
Peyton Hendershot, Dallas Cowboys
Peyton Hendershot, Dallas Cowboys / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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1. Peyton Hendershot, Tight End

The Cowboys made sure to build up their depth in this past draft and continued to do so once the weekend ended. Dallas added several undrafted free agents, including Brevyn Spann-Ford, a tight end from Minnesota.

Spann-Ford was given a guarantee of $225,000 in his contract as well as a $20,000 signing bonus. That doesn't mean he's a lock to make the roster but the front office believes he has a chance. That's not a bad assumption either since Spann-Ford brings something different to the table than the rest of their tight ends.

Jake Ferguson and Luke Schoonmaker were both added for their receiving skills and Ferguson went off in year two. Schoonmaker was a disappointment as a rookie but will get his chances as a second-round pick.

There's also Peyton Hendershot who has been a solid receiver when he gets on the field but he has some competition in the form of John Stephens, Jr. The preseason star missed his entire rookie campaign but could threaten Hendershot who enters year three.

As for Spann-Ford, he's better in the blocking department which is why he might be safe. If so, the Cowboys might be willing to see if a team in need of a tight end might be willing to part with a future draft pick for Hendershot. It would be tough to see him go but the room is crowded and he would bring in more capital than Stephens at this point.

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