3 Cowboys Trade Targets Heading Into NFL Draft

The Cowboys still need to find starters before the 2024 NFL Draft
Khalil Herbert
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1. Kenny Clark, DT, Green Bay Packers

Of all the names on this list, this might be the most difficult to see Dallas pull off — even though it would fill a massive need.

Dallas has been struggling to stop the run for years and while they hoped Mazi Smith would help, we still don’t know what he has to offer following a wasted rookie season. That’s why a veteran addition such as Kenny Clark from the Green Bay Packers would be beneficial.

Despite being a valuable starter, Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report believes Clark is someone who could be on the trading block. He also says the Cowboys are one of the teams that could be interested in adding him to their defensive line.

"The Packers might be able to find a trade partner for Clark if a team in need of defensive line help—like the Browns or Dallas Cowboys—misses out on that position in the draft. If Green Bay reloads enough along its defensive front, Clark could also become a cut candidate." — Knox, Bleacher Report

The biggest hold-up for Dallas would be money. Clark counts for more than $27 million against the cap, and Dallas isn’t going to pay that. However, if they were willing to work out a one or two-year extension, or maybe find a way to get help from the Packers who might want to shed the salary, it could work.

Of course, most teams aren’t as cheap as the Cowboys have become, so this might be asking too much. Even though it would vastly improve their defense.

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