3 Cowboys Who Must Be Benched Before the Playoffs

Which players do the Dallas Cowboys need to bench before the postseason?
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The Dallas Cowboys are obvious contenders in the NFC this season with one of the most well-rounded teams in the entire league. But just like every team, the Cowboys could have some fatal flaws on their roster that will cost them dearly when it comes to the playoffs if they don't make necessary changes in the near future.

The Cowboys, as good as they are, are not immune from needing to make personnel changes and there are some changes that might be necessary for this team to make a serious push in the postseason, especially considering the Philadelphia Eagles not looking like they're going to be giving up ground in the NFC East anytime soon.

So what internal moves do the Cowboys need to make? Which players need to be benched before the playoffs? Let's take a look at the depth chart and some struggling players right now.

3 Dallas Cowboys players that need to be benched before the playoffs

1. Jayron Kearse, safety

If there's one player Dallas Cowboys fans have been getting absolutely furious at this season, it's safety Jayron Kearse. Kearse has been routinely victimized this season for the Cowboys and his snap count has suffered (slightly) as a result. Kearse has still played more snaps than all but just four guys on the Dallas defense, but his snap percentage is down under 80 percent this season compared to 94 percent in 2021 and 88 percent in 2022.

The Cowboys have a ton of options at the safety position behind Jayron Kearse, but fans have been clamoring for Juanyeh Thomas to get more playing time, and that might be coming soon...

Although Kearse has seemingly struggled from the outside looking in, his teammates have come to his defense. I'm sure they've had some great laughs in the locker room over every online analyst out there evaluating their performance.

The reality, however, is that the Cowboys might need to get more snaps for Juanyeh Thomas, and if he elevates the defense, he could "Wally Pipp" Jayron Kearse.