3 Cowboys Who Must Be Benched Before the Playoffs

Which players do the Dallas Cowboys need to bench before the postseason?

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2. Jourdan Lewis, slot cornerback

Out of the entire Dallas Cowboys roster, there may not be a player that has drawn the ire of the fan base more than slot cornerback Jourdan Lewis. Lewis, who has had moments of brilliance throughout the course of his NFL career, has been victimized this year more than any previous season he's played.

He's allowing a QB rating of 109.2 into his coverage and had another tough game on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Part of the issue here is the fact that the Dallas Cowboys traded away their backup option in the slot before the start of the season when they sent Kelvin Joseph to the Miami Dolphins. But luckily for the Cowboys, they can get a mulligan on that trade because Joseph was recently let go by the Dolphins and is a free agent.

I wonder if the Cowboys would be opposed to bringing Joseph back into the fold, ramp him up for a couple of weeks, and see if he can provide a spark in the slot. That's really the one area where he was playing well before the Cowboys traded him for Noah Igbinoghene.

Regardless of how, the issue at hand is that the Cowboys need to figure out a solution with Jourdan Lewis. If that means getting Joseph back, playing Juanyeh Thomas in the slot, or maybe playing Israel Mukuamu in the slot, something's got to give.