3 Cowboys Who Must Be Benched Before the Playoffs

Which players do the Dallas Cowboys need to bench before the postseason?
Dallas Cowboys
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3. Michael Gallup, wide receiver

The Dallas Cowboys have to be kicking themselves watching both Amari Cooper and Noah Brown ball out in other NFL cities right now.

The Cowboys chose Michael Gallup over Amari Cooper and that decision has haunted them ever since. Gallup once looked like he was on his way to becoming one of the best secondary receivers in the NFL behind CeeDee Lamb, and the Cowboys really bought into his progression. Unfortunately, he's fallen off a cliff since his first three NFL seasons.

He's really struggled this season for the Cowboys outside of two games and hasn't been nearly consistent enough of an option for the team to justify giving him so many snaps as the playoffs are approaching.

The Cowboys might just be better off at this point ramping up Jalen Tolbert's snaps, and giving additional targets to players like Brandin Cooks. Gallup is currently third on the Cowboys in targets (45) behind CeeDee Lamb and Jake Ferguson.

That fact alone is a sad reality for where the Cowboys' passing game is at. Gallup is really playing more at this point out of necessity than ability, but how much is that going to potentially hurt Dallas? They need to increase the looks Brandin Cooks is getting, and start to limit Gallup's involvement with the playoffs looming.

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