3 Cowboys Who Will Be Screwed By Zack Martin Contract Extension

We can't pay everybody, and with Zack Martin's huge extension that's more true than ever.

Zack Martin's new contract is good news for Cowboys fans, but not everyone should be smiling.
Zack Martin's new contract is good news for Cowboys fans, but not everyone should be smiling. / Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Tony Pollard

Playing on the franchise tag, Pollard's contract situation will be a major storyline for the Cowboys for the near future.

In the NFL teams often decide between paying for talent at running back or paying for talent on the offensive line, and almost without fail it proves wiser to devote the resources on the o-line.

This is maybe an oversimplification, but you'd much rather have a mediocre running back carrying the ball behind Zack Martin than have Tony Pollard running behind a mediocre offensive line.

So even if the Cowboys wanted to go with their old plan of having elite talent at both positions, they probably won't have the cap space to do it (especially with Dak Prescott needing an extension at some point too). Without Martin taking this extra cap space we may have been able to put together a decent enough offer to keep Pollard in town with the allure of running behind the line, but at this point we just won't be able to give Pollard the kind of offer he deserves.

That's a tough situation for Pollard, because the kinds of teams that will pay him like that aren't going to have nearly the o-line talent Dallas will. He was almost in the perfect situation, but this extension makes things much more difficult.

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