3 Cowboys Who Will Lose Their Roster Spot to a Rookie in the NFL Draft

Which Dallas Cowboys will lose their roster spots to rookies in the 2024 NFL Draft?

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There is very little doubt that the Dallas Cowboys will be making major changes in 2024 to the roster. We've already seen the departure of Dan Quinn (head coach of the Commanders) and the reunion between Dallas and Mike Zimmer as the new defensive coordinator. What could this team do roster-wise to get over the proverbial hump?

Well, for starters, the Cowboys are going to have to look at what players are "anchors" on the current roster, and by that I mean players that are holding this team back. The Cowboys have been super loyal to a number of players through the years, and that loyalty has been a combination of admirable and sickening. They haven't always made the tough decisions when necessary, and they've made some unnecessary sacrifices at the worst possible time (Amari Cooper trade).

After a relatively uninspiring rookie class in 2023, the Cowboys may take a more "instant impact" approach to the 2024 NFL Draft, which could put some players' roster spots in jeopardy.

1. Chauncey Golston, DL

When I said earlier that the Cowboys have been loyal to guys, I think Chauncey Golston is a great example. This is a former third-round pick who has really not done anything of note for the Cowboys, and the team has even had to reload on the defensive line to supplement his lack of development as a former top-100 pick.

In three NFL seasons, and with the Cowboys having some clear needs on the defensive line for help, Golston hasn't yet managed to play 1,000 career snaps. Maybe he hasn't been a great fit for what Dan Quinn likes to do, but entering into a contract year in 2024, I wouldn't be shocked if Golston ends up getting cut or traded this offseason with a rookie taking his place on the roster.