3 Cowboys Who Will Lose Their Roster Spot to a Rookie in the NFL Draft

Which Dallas Cowboys will lose their roster spots to rookies in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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2. Michael Gallup, WR

I think one of the most disappointing Cowboys players in recent memory is wide receiver Michael Gallup. That may seem like a hot take, but given the context of the whole situation surrounding him, it's probably fair.

The Cowboys gave Gallup an extension after seeing him look like the ideal NFL WR2 through his first couple of seasons in the league. He had 1,107 yards in just his second NFL season and it did appear as though he was on such a positive trajectory that the Cowboys could count on him continuing to climb and ascend as a player.

That didn't happen.

The Cowboys gave Gallup an extension in 2022, the same year they decided to trade Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns. Choosing Gallup over Cooper is a decision that has potentially cost the Cowboys when it comes to January football. It's clear that Cooper is on a different tier of player compared to Gallup, and the Cowboys made that difficult decision at the worst possible time.

The Cowboys could save $9.5 million if they make him a post-June 1 cut, which I think they could very well do depending on what we see happen in the 2024 NFL Draft. It may not happen before the draft, but the Cowboys could let Gallup go this Spring as well if they don't mind taking the risk.

One way or another, it might be the wisest option for Dallas to go with a rookie and take the cap savings on Gallup, who managed just 34 receptions in 17 games last season in one of the most prolific passing offenses across the league.