3 Cowboys Who Will Lose Their Roster Spot to a Rookie in the NFL Draft

Which Dallas Cowboys will lose their roster spots to rookies in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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3. Nahshon Wright, DB

There will be plenty of interesting reshuffling happening all over the Dallas Cowboys defense, but another member of the 2021 NFL Draft class whose roster spot could be taken by a rookie is defensive back Nahshon Wright.

The Cowboys certainly went after a lot of tall, lanky defensive backs while Dan Quinn was around. He has a "type" at the position, and they threw a lot of darts at guys like that. Unfortunately, things haven't worked out to the point that Nahshon Wright has any reason to stick around this season.

If Quinn was his biggest advocate, his biggest advocate is no longer in the building. Perhaps he would have a better opportunity to play if the Cowboys let him go and he was able to sign with Washington. As much talent as he has, he only played 50 defensive snaps last season.

As you would expect with a player of his size and speed, Wright has carved out a role on special teams, but is that going to be enough for the Cowboys to keep him around if they draft someone else in 2024 that has a better chance of also contributing defensively?

We could see multiple former top-100 picks on their way out of Dallas in 2024.

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