3 Dream Cowboys Trade Targets This Offseason

If the Dallas Cowboys could find a way to pull off these dream trades, they would be tough to beat in 2024

Cowboys, Chris Godwin
Cowboys, Chris Godwin / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Derrick Brown, DT

Micah Parsons has irritated some fans this offseason since he seems to be in the spotlight constantly. Parsons has made the rounds with the media and even has his own podcast where he interviewed Jordan Love — the same Jordan Love who led the Packers to the playoff win over Dallas.

Love stated to Parsons that the Cowboys' defense wasn’t strong enough to stop the run. He went on to say they didn’t have an interior line that could push the pocket and pointed to the fact that a defensive back (Markquese Bell) was a safety.

Parsons seems to agree with the assessment since he said the defense needs a “downhill” linebacker and a big defensive tackle. In this dream scenario, the tackle is Derrick Brown, currently of the Carolina Panthers.

Taken seventh overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, Brown is also entering the final year of his deal. That could lead to him becoming available as the Panthers are still in need of a rebuild.

It wouldn’t be easy for the Cowboys to land him, which is why this comes in as a dream trade. But if they could pull it off, they would be adding the fourth-highest-rated defensive tackle in the league according to PFF. They would also have a massive run-stopper in Brown, who just had 103 tackles in 2023 alone.