3 Former Rangers Failing Miserably With Their New Teams to Start 2024 Season.

Apr 6, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;  Seattle Mariners catcher Mitch Garver (18) looks on during
Apr 6, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Seattle Mariners catcher Mitch Garver (18) looks on during / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Will Smith

Another Rangers World Series team member who has been struggling early in the season is relief pitcher Will Smith. The veteran leftie spent his lone season with the Rangers trying to help solidify an inconstant bullpen, although he dealt with inconsistencies himself throughout most of the season. He finished the regular season with a 4.40 ERA and struggled mightily throughout the Rangers playoff run, finishing an abysmal 12.2 ERA in five games.

Unfortunately, Smith's struggles have remained since he signed with the Kansas City Royals this off-season. Through six games, Smith is currently holding a 12.6 ERA and has already been pinned with two losses early in the season. It looks like Smith's best days are behind him, and if he does not quickly turn things around, he will be in danger of being designated for assignment here in the next few weeks

3. Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo is one former Ranger who has been away from Arligton for several seasons and has been struggling to start the season. Gallo has been having trouble at the plate since leaving the Rangers and has not been able to get his average over .200 since his final season with the Rangers in 2021. It is becoming a mystery how Gallo continues to get signed by new teams even though his offensive struggles remain persistent. 

Since Gallo signed with the Washington Nationals this past off-season, a new scenery has not been able to help cure Gallo's offensive struggles as he currently has a .140 average, the fifth lowest average in the league. He has also already struck out 25 times through fourteen games. Even though Gallo has struggled to get on base, he has been able to belt three homers this season, implying that at least his ability to hit for power is still intact. 

Time is running out for Gallo to become a productive hitter, as he just can't seem to be able to put up consistent numbers at the plate. Early on in his career, Gallo's ability to hit for power was enough to keep him in the starting lineup, but as his offense has continued to regress over the past several seasons that is no longer the case.

His career could end if he can't fix things quickly. 

It is a shame Gallo has become one of the worst hitters in the league since, at one point, he was one of the most highly regarded prospects in the game, receiving comparisons to Bryce Harper. Hopefully, Gallo can figure out a new approach at the plate that could make him a sustainable player going into the second half of his career.

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