3 Long Snappers the Cowboys Can Target to Replace Trent Sieg in Free Agency

The Cowboys' long snapper is hitting free agency, and there are plenty of options available to upgrade at the position this offseason.
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2. Casey Kreiter

I'm going to admit something to you: I don't watch long snappers closely enough to have a really strong opinion on how good all 32 starters around the league are in a given season.

But Pro Football Focus does, and for however much you value their takes on more popular players, that makes them one of the best sources for analyzing long snappers that we've got. And the way Casey Kreiter grades out on PFF makes him an intriguing option.

His long snapping great, which looks at the snaps themselves, is nothing to write home about. At 62.5, it ranks fourth among the nine long snappers on the market. But his special teams grade is the best of the group at 81.7.

You obviously don't want a long snapper who can't snap the ball well. That's going to cause disaster that can cost you points on field goals and punts. But being in the middle of the pack is firmly in the "good enough" range, and having one who excels at covering punts is interesting.

This is kind of a philosophical choice. Some special teams coordinators may prefer to simply focus on the snapping and consider any kick coverage after the fact icing on the cake. But if special teams coordinator John Fassel wants someone who can contribute to kick coverage, then Kreiter is the best option available