3 Positions Rangers Need to Upgrade at Trade Deadline

With the Rangers nearing the halfway mark of the season Chris Young and company should be looking to upgrade a few positions before the trade deadline.
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Relief Pitcher

Similar to last season, the Rangers' bullpen is arguably the weakest part of the team. While the bullpen has been showing signs of improvement over the past few weeks, injuries have taken a toll, with several relief pitchers dealing with nagging injuries so far this season.

If the Rangers could add an additional arm or two to the bullpen, it could significantly improve the team and solidify a dismantling bullpen, hopefully quickly. 

There are likely several relief pitchers on the market for which the Rangers should consider making a run. Veteran pitcher Kenley Jansen is an ideal pitcher for the Rangers to make a run for. He has a solid season in Boston, holding a 2.91 ERA and securing 10 saves. 

Even if the Rangers can't land Jansen, several relief pitchers are on the market who can help boost the Rangers' bullpen and hopefully help the team get back into contention.