3 Positions Rangers Need to Upgrade at Trade Deadline

With the Rangers nearing the halfway mark of the season Chris Young and company should be looking to upgrade a few positions before the trade deadline.
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Starting Pitcher

The Rangers have been hit hard by the injury bug this season, and the starting pitchers were no exception. Almost every pitcher in the Rangers rotation has dealt with some kind of injury so far this season, and several pitchers remain sidelined due to injuries they have been dealing with throughout this season or even before the start of this season. 

Although the pitching staff has been dealing with many injuries, the rotation has performed fairly well under the circumstances. The rotation currently averages a  3.97 ERA, which puts them in the middle of the American League. 

The Rangers' rotation has remained decent despite all of the injuries they have been through, but an additional arm to the rotation can't hurt. It could potentially even boost the Rangers rotation before the team begins the second half of the season. 

There are several pitchers on the market who the Rangers should consider targeting here in the next few weeks before the trade deadline. One pitcher in particular who the Rangers should consider going after is Max Fried.

Fried has quickly earned the reputation of one of the most efficient pitchers in the league. He has a 68-29 record throughout his career and a 3.05 ERA. Fried has spent his entire career with the Braves and is currently in the final season of his contract with the club.

While it is doubtful that the Braves would be willing to trade Fried, they could potentially be convinced to sell due to their disappointing start of the season. If the Rangers can create a package lucrative enough for Atlanta to ship off Fried, he would be a great addition to the Rangers and potentially bring the team back into contention and help the team get above .500.

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