3 Rangers Already at Risk of Being Traded By the Deadline

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers
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Ezequiel Duran

Duran was the unsung hero of last season after putting up epic numbers for the Rangers and helping keep the team in contention after Corey Seager went down early on.

Unfortunately, so far this year, the Rangers just aren't getting the same kind of production from Duran they got last season. He is currently carrying an exceptionally low .213 batting average, which is a steep decline from last season when he carried a .276 average throughout most of the campaign.

Many hoped that Duran could replicate his success filling in for Seager at third base while Josh Jung has had to miss the past month due to a fractured wrist. Surprisingly, Josh Smith has been manning the position for the majority of Jung's absence and has really turned a corner offensively. He currently has the second-highest on-base percentage on the Rangers roster.

Due to the emergence of Smith on the offensive side and the emergence of young infielders Justin Foscue and Davis Wendzel, Duran may be the odd man out in the Rangers' infield. Duran, who is only 24, still has a lot to offer and could be an everyday player on a team with less depth than the Rangers.

In that case, they can find a deal that works best for both parties, giving Duran a chance to continue his career successfully and bringing back value to Texas.

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