3 Rangers Playing Their Last Season in Texas

Milwaukee Brewers v Texas Rangers
Milwaukee Brewers v Texas Rangers / Hayden Carroll/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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With Opening Day quickly approaching, the Rangers are gearing up for hopefully another successful season. Some current Rangers may be preparing to go into their final season with the team whether they know it or not. 

With contracts expiring and the Rangers looking for different personnel needs on the roster, several players' tenures in Arlington will be coming to an end either when this season ends or even possibly when the trade deadline comes around. 

Leody Taveras

One player whose time with the Rangers will most likely be approaching an end is center fielder Leody Taveras. Taveras has been with the Rangers for four years now and has been the starting center fielder for the past two years. He has put up pretty solid numbers on the offensive side and has been a reliable defender throughout his tenure with the Rangers.

Unfortunately for Taveras, he is in the middle of a logjam in the outfield due to Wyatt Langford recently being called up to the majors to start the 2024 season. The Rangers are eager to get Langford as many reps as possible throughout the season, and Taveras is one of the few obstacles standing in the way of that. 

Taveras is entering the final year of his contract, which makes him a valuable trade asset as the season goes on if the Rangers decide to send him off. Either way, Taveras's time with the Rangers will be coming to an end, and hopefully, the Rangers can receive some compensation for him before his contract expires.