3 Rangers Playing Their Last Season in Texas

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Ezequiel Duran

Last April, Corey Seager went on the IL with a hamstring injury, and many fans feared that the Rangers would be in for a tough stretch with one of the team's pillars sidelined for at least a month. Thankfully, Ezequiel Duran took Seager's spot and stepped up big, helping the Rangers remain above 500 while Seager remained on the IL for about a month.

Due to Duran's exceptional play in Seager's place, he helped keep the Rangers in contention and became the unsung hero of the season's first half.

Unfortunately, the ultimate utility man for the Rangers may be joining a new team sooner rather than later. After concluding last season with a solid .276/.324/.443 line on the offensive side, the Rangers may be looking to trade him while his stock is still high.

Duran's contract with the Rangers does not expire until 2026, but since there are few logical ways for Duran to consistently make it onto the field this season, the Rangers' best option may be to trade him. If the Rangers can create a good trade package centered around Duran, there is a good chance that Duran could be departing Arligton by the time the trade deadline approaches this season.

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