3 Rangers Who Have No Business Being on the Playoff Roster

We can't afford deadweight once we reach the playoffs.
3 Rangers who don't deserve to make the playoff roster.
3 Rangers who don't deserve to make the playoff roster. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Jonathan Hernandez

Hernandez was a pretty good reliever for us in 2020 and 2022, but unfortunately his performance this year has been a major dumpster fire.

The 27-year-old righty is having the worst year of his career, and he just seems broken at this point. His ERA is up to 6.04 and his WHIP is at 1.62, which means he's a meltdown candidate any time he takes the mound.

It was hoped that spending some time in Triple-A to get his confidence back would help, but his recent performance is still concerning. In 6 innings this month, he's surrendered 3 runs on 7 hits despite mostly pitching in low-leverage situations.

And that's the main issue right there. If Hernandez can't get outs when the game is out of hand, how can we trust him to do it in a high-pressure situation.

While it's tempting to believe the 2022 version of Hernandez might come back, we just haven't seen it in 2023. He deserves another chance next year after getting a full offseason to sort out his issues, but we can't afford any more hiccups from a player with -0.5 WAR this season.