3 Rangers Who Won't Survive the Season in Texas

Which Rangers won't be with team when the regular season's second half begins?

Texas Rangers Photo Day
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2. Travis Jankowski

Outfield Travis Jankowski is another position player who could lose his spot on the Rangers' roster this season. Jankowski signed with the Rangers last offseason and immediately impacted the team, especially in the field. He was extraordinary in the outfield, primarily playing left field throughout the season. He made numerous plays that ended up on SportsCenter the following day.

Even though Janowski did have a successful 2023 season campaign, his job with the Rangers could be in jeopardy due to Wyatt Langford's rapid development into a major leaguer. It was announced earlier this week that Langford will start his season with the big club, which could make Jankowski the odd man out in the outfield. 

It would be a shame to lose the veteran outfielder but he would be another casualty of Langford's rapid development.

Hopefully, Rangers general manager Chris Young can find a way to make the Rangers roster work with both Langford and Jankowski on it. But as of now, Jankowski is at risk of not being a Ranger sooner rather than later.