3 Rangers Who Won't Survive the Season in Texas

Which Rangers won't be with team when the regular season's second half begins?
Texas Rangers Photo Day
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3. Michael Lorenzen

Going into the pitching side of things, the Rangers' most recent signing may be in danger of not making it past July with the team.

Earlier this week, the Rangers signed Michael Lorenzen to a one-year contract to help bridge the gap in the rotation at least until Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer return from injury around the midway point of the season.

Once deGrom and Scherzer return, the Rangers' front office will again be faced with the difficult task of determining which roster moves will keep the team in contention through the second half of the season.

Lorenzens's tenure with the Rangers could be pretty short, but hopefully, he can help hold down the rotation until reinforcements return to start the season's second half. 

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