3 Realistic Cowboys Trade Targets This Offseason

Here are three players the Dallas Cowboys could realistically trade for in 2024
Cowboys, Cam Robinson
Cowboys, Cam Robinson / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA
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2. Cam Robinson, OT

It won’t be easy for the Cowboys to figure out what to do with Tyron Smith. The former All-Pro left tackle is 33 years old and can still perform at a high level when healthy. Unfortunately, he’s not often healthy.

That’s why it will be hard to figure out what he’s worth as he enters free agency. He does want to play still and wants to stay in Dallas — which is where he’s been since 2011. But that might not be the best move for the team.

Instead of coming up with a contract that protects them from potential injury — and leaves the roster with a huge hole — Dallas could find a permanent solution. One option would be to land Cam Robinson in a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robinson is a solid left tackle who was suspended for four games in 2023. He dealt with a knee injury in 2022 and despite playing just 23 games the past two seasons, he’s been more durable than Smith.

Jacksonville might be willing to part with him as well since they could free up more than $16 million in cap space. He would need to be extended by Dallas to spread out the guaranteed money but that’s something they shouldn’t have a problem doing. And it would be worth moving the money around to make sure the O-line isn’t an issue again in 2024.