3 Reasons Why the Cowboys Should Trade for Jonathan Taylor (and 2 Why They Shouldn't)

Reasons why the Cowboys should, and shouldn't, trade for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor.
Reasons why the Cowboys should, and shouldn't, trade for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor. / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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One of the biggest training camp stories around the league right now is the drama between star running back Jonathan Taylor and the Colts. Amid contract extension talks breaking down and some strange comments from owner Jim Irsay, the RB has officially requested a trade, which could lead to his exit in the coming weeks or months if the situation isn't rectified.

Taylor's unhappiness is sure to get a few teams' attention, including the Cowboys. Jerry Jones has an affinity for RBs, and it'd be no surprise if Dallas gets involved in the bidding.

With that in mind, here are three reasons why the Cowboys should trade for Taylor, and two why they shouldn't.

Why the Cowboys Should Trade for Jonathan Taylor

1. A massive running back upgrade

Let's just get this way out of the first: Jonathan Taylor is one of the best running backs in the league. Injuries hampered his 2022 campaign, but we only have to go back one year to see the Wisconsin product's potential.

Taylor truly broke out during the 2021 season. He captured the Rushing Triple Crown by leading the NFL in attempts (332), yards (1,811) and touchdowns (18), all while only being a sophomore in the pros. Oh, and he added 41 receptions, another 360 yards and 2 touchdowns as a receiver, too, while finishing second in AP Offensive Player of the Year voting.

Taylor's efforts were the main reason the lackluster Colts even finished with a winning record and sniffed the playoffs. As great as Tony Pollard is, and he wasn't pretty dang fantastic during the 2022 season, we just haven't seen that level of play out of him yet.

There's also no telling how Pollard will perform in his return from a fractured fibula, which he actually suffered earlier this year in the playoffs against the 49ers. A major injury like that, in a key area for a running back no less, is a serious threat to his effectiveness moving forward. Taylor underwent his own surgery this offseason, but his was an ankle cleanup and not nearly as intensive.

If the Cowboys simply want to get better at running back, Taylor is the best option available, especially on his current rookie deal.