3 Reasons Why the Cowboys Should Trade for Jonathan Taylor (and 2 Why They Shouldn't)

Reasons why the Cowboys should, and shouldn't, trade for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor.
Reasons why the Cowboys should, and shouldn't, trade for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor. / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Taylor's impact on Dak Prescott and the offense

Another factor that could make the Cowboys interested in a Taylor trade is how he would impact their offense. There's just not a ton of RBs out there who can actually be the centerpiece of a game plan. Few have the work ethic, determination and outright talent to face stacked boxes and actually produce despite the added attention. Taylor has proved he's one of those elite players who can do just that, and at such a young age.

Just imagine Taylor lining up in the backfield behind Dak Prescott. And they're surrounded by CeeDee Lamb, Brandin Cooks and one of the NFL's best offensive lines. That would be an absolute nightmare for opponents! There's no place the defense can hide its weak links or slack off, because the wide array of weapons at different positions means there's big play threats covering every inch of the field.

Just look at what adding Christian McCaffrey did to San Francisco's offense in 2022. He took them from great to elite with the talent they had on the field alongside him. Opponents couldn't focus on one area, as the Niners were an equally strong threat on the ground and through the air. With the Cowboys' current roster, they'd have top offense potential if Taylor was added to the mix.

Prescott is no stranger to off games or stretches of poor play as well. That's why having a well-rounded offense is important, so the run game can shoulder the load when QB1's having a bad day. There's not many RBs you'd rather lean on to win you a game than Taylor, who is the pure definition of a workhorse.