3 Trade Targets the Cowboys Must Avoid at the Deadline

The Dallas Cowboys need to make a move at the NFL Trade Deadline to bolster their roster but need to avoid these three potential trades
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2. Jerry Jeudy, WR, Denver Broncos

So far in 2023, the Cowboys aerial attack has left a lot to be desired. Heading into their bye, they're 20th in the NFL in passing yards with 1,261. CeeDee Lamb is responsible for 475 of those yards and next is Michael Gallup with 204.

From there, Jake Ferguson has 190, Tony Pollard has 176, and Brandin Cooks comes in with just 109 yards. With such a lack of production behind Lamb, Dallas has been tied to several available receivers, including Jerry Jeudy.

However, they need to avoid the Denver Broncos wideout who was actually drafted ahead of Lamb in 2020. The 15th overall pick that season has talent but he did himself no favors recently by blaming everyone around him for his struggles to kick off the 2023 campaign.

“As a receiver, there’s a lot of people you’ve got to depend on,” Jeudy said via Parker Gabriel of the Denver Post. “You can be open, but if the line don’t do their thing or the quarterback don’t do his thing or the (offensive coordinator) don’t put you (in a good spot), it’s a whole lot of stuff that you’ve got to go through as a receiver to be successful. Y'all need to go watch the film instead of looking at the stats. Go watch the film and see what it is.”

With the issues that Dallas has had thus far, they've been fortunate their players haven't been too upset. Or at least they've kept it in-house.

Adding someone who will voice frustrations freely, especially when you're the NFL team most scrutinized by the media, isn't what a team needs in order to break through an offensive slump.