3 Worst Free Agency Moves From the Cowboys' NFC East Rivals

The Dallas Cowboys might not have made many moves, but at least they didn't hand out these 3 contracts.

Saquon Barkley
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2. Commanders Signing Former Cowboys center Tyler Biadasz

Dan Quinn was a breath of fresh air as the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. It's too bad his final game will go down in infamy as he was completely outmatched by the Green Bay Packers because he really did a lot of good for this team. And he earned his second shot as an NFL head coach. It's just too bad it has to be with the Washington Commanders.

Quinn is not only a divisional rival now but he also stole several players from the Cowboys. He was able to bring Dorance Armstrong and Dante Fowler, Jr. with him, which helps them in a major way since they had no pass rushers. He also lured Tyler Biadasz to Washington, leaving Dallas without a starting center.

Biadasz is a good player and was underrated during his time in Dallas. Having said that, he's not someone who should be making nearly $10 million per season. That's the case now as the Commanders wound up signing him to a three-year, $29.25 million deal with $20.7 million of that being guaranteed.

Right now, the Commanders can get away with this since they don't have to pay a star quarterback — kind of a catch-22. And Biadasz will end up helping whichever rookie they wind up starting. But it's still a stretch to pay him as if he's a top-five center.