4 Biggest Cowboys Busts Halfway Through the Season

Who are the biggest busts for the Dallas Cowboys halfway through the 2023 season?
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3. Jourdan Lewis/Kelvin Joseph trade

One of the biggest whiffs for the Dallas Cowboys this year has been the decision by the team to roll with Jourdan Lewis in the slot defensively and trade away Kelvin Joseph, who had been showing some really nice things working from the slot after kind of getting torched when he would play outside corner for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys decided to trade Joseph to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for former first-round pick Noah Igbinoghene, and Igbinoghene has played 25 defensive snaps this season and just 63 special teams snaps.

Not great.

The return on the Kelvin Joseph-Noah Igbinoghene swap has obviously not been good, but Cowboys fans are also getting extremely frustrated these days with Jourdan Lewis.

Simultaneously, Lewis has given up less than 54 percent of the throws into his coverage but is also allowing a QB rating of 111.2. That's easily the worst of his career so far if it holds up, and Lewis has also already given up three touchdowns in coverage this season. Considering the fact that Lewis has only appeared in seven games, he's allowed a touchdown almost every other game at this point.

The most he's allowed in a season was four back in the 2020 campaign, and that was over the course of 15 games.

It has been a season to forget for Jourdan Lewis, and the frustrating thing for the Cowboys is that they had an alternative on the roster before making the weird trade with the Miami Dolphins that really never needed to happen.