4 Cowboys On Thin Ice After Humiliating Loss to Bills

After an embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, these four Dallas Cowboys are on thin ice
Dallas Cowboys
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The narrative is alive again for the Dallas Cowboys. They've been unstoppable at home but when they hit the road, it's an entirely different story. That was the case again in Week 15 with the Buffalo Bills running them out of the stadium in a 31-10 beating — which could have been much worse if the Bills kept their foot on the gas.

Dallas is now 3-4 on the road and 10-4 overall. They're still guaranteed a playoff berth but unless the Eagles fall apart, they will be on the road for each game — which could mean a short run in the postseason. With this game behind us, let's take a look at four Cowboys who are on thin ice as they get ready to travel to Miami.

4. Mazi Smith, Nose Tackle

Losing Johnathan Hankins was a tougher blow than it might have seemed. A high ankle sprain suffered in Week 14 could keep him out for a while and that opened the door for rookie Mazi Smith to make his first career start.

He finished with two tackles and a sack, although that sack was a gift from the officials since Josh Allen had broken free. Of course, stats are often misleading when it comes to nose tackles since their job is to do the dirty work and clog up running lanes.

Hankins is excellent at this and the hope is that the 337-pound rookie will be great one day as well. Unfortunately in Week 15, he was far from that.

Buffalo gashed the Cowboys for 266 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday. James Cook alone had 179 yards and was typically five yards or more past the line of scrimmage before being touched. Not all of this is on Smith but considering it was his first start in the middle, it's not a good look at all.