4 Cowboys On Thin Ice After Humiliating Loss to Bills

After an embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, these four Dallas Cowboys are on thin ice
Dallas Cowboys
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1. Mike McCarthy, Head Coach

The theme throughout the night was physicality. The Bills came out in this one and just bullied the Cowboys. However, they stayed within the rules for the most part while doing so. Not only did this knock Dallas off their game but it led to the aforementioned penalties that led to each of the first three touchdowns.

These issues fall on the shoulders of Mike McCarthy who has failed to get his team ready for several big road games. Despite being 7-0 at home and lighting up the scoreboard in AT&T Stadium, McCarthy's team is a dumpster fire on the road with a record of 3-4.

They lost earlier in the season 42-10 at San Francisco. There was also a 28-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals back in Week 3. The only times they were able to win easily on the road was in Week 1 against the New York Giants and then again in Week 11 against the Carolina Panthers — two teams that simply aren't good.

As if the inability to show up for road games wasn't enough, McCarthy also deserves some heat for failing to challenge a turnover in the first half. With his team needing a spark, Marquise Bell forced a fumble when he punched the ball out of Stefon Diggs' hands and Donovan Wilson had a clear recovery.

None of this was seen by the officials and McCarthy didn't throw the challenge flag. Naturally, this led to another touchdown for the Bills. McCarthy deserves a lot of credit for the success he's had as a play-caller this year. But his team is still the most penalized in the league and their inability to step up on the road could be their undoing.

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