4 Cowboys on Thin Ice After Sunday Night Football Loss to 49ers

Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott are both on thin ice after the Cowboys were blown out by the 49ers on Sunday.
Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott are both on thin ice after the Cowboys were blown out by the 49ers on Sunday. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Dak Prescott

Speaking of contract situations looming large, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are in a very delicate spot in negotiations. Dak's going to want one of those staggering new deals we're seeing just about every great quarterback sign.

But the Cowboys have so many key players they still need to pay next offseason. And unless Dak looks capable of carrying this team to a Super Bowl, it's going to be hard to justify such a big deal.

And that's why a game like this is so worrying.

If you're paying a franchise quarterback one of those mega contracts, they don't get to have any excuses. You're paying them that kind of money because they're supposed to be enough of a difference-maker to overcome other deficits on the roster (which become inevitable because one player is taking up so much of your cap space).

But Dak went out there in Week 5 against the Cowboys' biggest obstacle for a Super Bowl appearance and totally fell flat.

His average of just 1.58 adjusted yards per pass attempt (which adds weighting for touchdowns and interceptions into the usual yards per attempt calculation) was the second-worst he has posted in a game in his entire career. Similarly, that 51.6 passer rating was the sixth worst of his career.

Making things even worse, he did it in primetime. Fair or not, having more eyes on the performance means more unhappy Cowboys fans which means a louder anti-Dak sentiment building.

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