5 Cowboys on Thin Ice After Crushing Loss to Eagles in Week 9

• There's a weak link in the secondary right now

• Michael Gallup is struggling mightily

• Cowboys entire offense is slowed by this OT

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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4. Luke Schoonmaker, Tight End

For more than a decade now, the Cowboys have been known for their excellent work during the draft. Most of their key contributors were home grown after being selected by Dallas with Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Zack Martin serving as excellent examples.

That doesn’t mean they’re perfect when it comes to drafting. In fact, they’ve had some huge misses as of late, especially when they target a position over a player. Taco Charlton is the worst example of this but there have been others. One player who is threatening to join that list is rookie tight end Luke Schoonmaker.

A second-round pick from Michigan, Schoonmaker has made nearly no impact on the team this year. While he does have one touchdown, he's only caught three passes overall and his name has typically been called when something hasn’t gone right. For example, he didn’t run his route deep enough on fourth down this past week, meaning he was inches short of a critical touchdown. He also got flagged for a hold that negated an 18-yard run from Rico Dowdle, which also took points off the board.

Dallas doesn’t have great depth behind Jake Ferguson but even so, Schoonmaker is in danger of seeing even less time on the field if he doesn’t start to improve.