5 Cowboys Still on Thin Ice After Surviving the Trade Deadline

Which Dallas Cowboys players could be on thin ice after the trade deadline?
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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5. Jayron Kearse, S

Not that the Cowboys were going to trade Jayron Kearse, but now that the trade deadline has passed, you can't help but wonder if we could soon see some reshuffling of the rotation at the safety position. The Cowboys list three players as starting "safeties" in Dan Quinn's defense, where one safety is always lurking around the defensive formation and playing closer to the line of scrimmage.

Cowboys fans have grown a little bit tired of Kearse's inconsistent play despite the fact that he plays more snaps than almost everyone else on the Dallas defense. Could we see someone like Juanyeh Thomas play more snaps in the very near future? It's not likely, but if Kearse becomes a liability, you never know.

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