5 Leighton Vander Esch Replacements the Cowboys Must Target

• A former Dan Quinn starter could be available

• Could the Patriots be ready to deal?

• Denver is set for a fire sale and could part with a stud LB

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2. Jordan Hicks

A player the Cowboys know well could also be on the trade block, Jordan Hicks. A standout at Texas, Hicks began his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles and played for them for four years. He was a regular starter and ruined more than one game for Dallas when they went against him.

The one issue Hicks had with the Eagles was staying healthy. He missed 21 games during his tenure but has been healthy since leaving. He started every game possible for the Arizona Cardinals for three years and had 384 tackles with 5.5 sacks.

From there, he joined the Minnesota Vikings and had 129 tackles with three sacks and a pick in his first season with them. This year, he's continued to play at a high level with 43 tackles and a forced fumble in five starts.

However, the Vikings as a whole have been a mess. They've struggled mightily and now enter Week 6 with a record of 1-4. That means they could be looking to add any future assets possible and with Hicks set to hit free agency in 2024, they might be willing to take a later pick in order to get something now.