5 Rangers Who Will Carry Texas to World Series Win

These guys are going to take us all the way!
5 Rangers who will lead Texas to its first-ever World Series victory.
5 Rangers who will lead Texas to its first-ever World Series victory. / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Jose Leclerc

Closers are incredible important in baseball, especially in the postseason. Just ask Philadelphia Phillies fans how they feel about Craig Kimbrel right now.

In any case, we're lucky to have a good one. A reliable closer can take you far in October, and that's what Leclerc's reliability at the end of games has done.

Leclerc has been tremendous in the playoffs, even if he did get a bit shaky in the second half of the ALCS. He's converted 3 of his 4 save opportunities and has not allowed a run in 8 of his 11 appearances. Leclerc also gets bonus points for closing out the final games of the Wild Card Round, ALDS and ALCS.

As a closer, your main job is to not lose the game. If you have a lead, just don't give it away. Leclerc's only lost one game for us so far, and that was just because he made one bad pitch to Jose Altuve.

Thankfully, Leclerc shook it off and contributed to victories in Games 6 and 7. With a few days off to recover and an opponent that isn't nearly as familiar with his repertoire, he should be more effective in the Fall Classic.

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