5 Realistic Cowboys Trade Targets at the Deadline

If the Dallas Cowboys want to keep up with the Philadelphia Eagles, they need to make a splash by pursuing these five moves at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Derrick Henry, Running Back, Tennessee Titans

Another team that's off to a rough start and could be ready to ship off anyone of value is the Tennessee Titans. After years of over-performing, Mike Vrabel's unit is just 2-4 and it hasn't been fun for them.

Tennessee has even started to make deals, trading away an All-Pro safety in Kevin Byard. While that move helps the Eagles, the Cowboys should give them a call as well and see what it would take to land Derrick Henry.

The former Alabama superstar has been a monster in the NFL with 8,760 yards and 81 touchdowns on the ground and another 1,361 yards on 138 receptions with three scores as a receiver. And despite being 29, he's still going strong with 425 yards this year while averaging 4.3 yards per attempt.

Dallas does have a decent ground game led by Tony Pollard who has 370 yards this year. However, he's averaging a career-low 3.9 yards per rush and could benefit from the 247-pound Henry tiring defenses out. As if that wasn't enough of a reason to make the move, Henry could also single-handedly solve their frustrating red zone problems.

This move might sound like a pipe dream at first but there's a legitimate shot it could happen, as pointed out by Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report. He points out that they have the fifth-most cap space in the NFL right now and that would allow them to take on the remainder of Henry's contract.

It would be a huge move but as their rivals have shown, that's what it takes to get to the title game. Does Dallas finally make a move with this in mind? Or will they continue to hope things bounce in their favor with the roster they have?

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