5 Stats That Prove the Cowboys Are Super Bowl Favorites

Micah Parsons and the Cowboys should be favorites to win the Super Bowl - here's why.
Micah Parsons and the Cowboys should be favorites to win the Super Bowl - here's why. / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Opponents' Passing Efficiency

This one has elements of the pass rush and the turnovers factored in, but it's well worth focusing on this stat specifically.

"Adjusted Net Yards per Pass Attempt" (ANY/A) is a bit of a mouthful, but it's basically a metric that builds on "yards per attempt" to make it more meaningful. It adds weighting for touchdowns and interceptions into the equation while also taking away yardage for sacks.

The league average for ANY/A is 5.8 so far in 2023, which is right in line with the 2022 average of 5.9. The lowest average any defense allowed last year was the Philadelphia Eagles' 4.4.

The Cowboys in 2023 so far? Just a 0.1 ANY/A against. Every time a Cowboys opponent has thrown the ball it's been worth just 0.1 yards. You might as well just line up in the single-wing offense and run the ball on every play at that point. Or just start taking a knee on every snap, because you're never going to win an NFL game with 0.1 ANY/A.

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