6 Biggest Winners From Cowboys Offseason Workouts

Who stood out so far during the Cowboys offseason workouts?
Dallas Cowboys, Ryan Flournoy
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3. Juanyeh Thomas, Safety

The Cowboys have always been good at landing undrafted free agents that turn into solid players. Tony Romo is the one who comes to mind often but the franchise leader in passing yards is far from the only UDFA to make an impact for Dallas.

Mark Tuinei spent 15 seasons with the team and won three Super Bowls in the 1990s as a left tackle. Everson Walls was one of the top cornerbacks in franchise history, but Cornell Green (who never missed a game in 13 years) was even better — and both were undrafted. There's also Nate Newton and Hall of Famers Drew Pearson and Cliff Harris.

Juanyeh Thomas is far from being mentioned in the same breath as these star players but he's still turning a lot of heads. After making a leap in his second season, Mike McCarthy took some time to praise him, saying he's excelled at everything he's been asked to do.

"I thought he made a big jump last year," McCarthy said via Jerry Trotta of The Landry Hat. "He's been dynamic on special teams. Juanyeh just has so much personality. When he was given an opportunity at safety, he stepped up. Juanyeh is really a great example of a young player that's excelled with every opportunity he's been given. It'd be awesome to see him take another step."

In 2023, the Georgia Tech prospect appeared in 16 games with one start. He played 315 snaps on special teams compared to 190 on defense but still found a way to break up four passes. His skill in coverage means he should find his way onto the field even more going forward and if he continues to play as he has throughout this camp, he will be even better than what we saw last year.