6 Biggest Winners From Cowboys Offseason Workouts

Who stood out so far during the Cowboys offseason workouts?
Dallas Cowboys, Ryan Flournoy
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2. Trey Lance, Quarterback

With all the talk about an extension for Dak Prescott, Trey Lance has suddenly become a hot topic. Prescott, who was strung along for two years before finally securing an extension in 2021, is entering the final year of his four-year, $160 million deal and he's looking to strike it rich.

Prescott says he doesn't play for money but believes he would be doing his fellow quarterbacks a disservice not to allow his agent to do his job. That means the Cowboys will need to fork out some serious cash since the QB market shot through the roof after Jared Goff secured $53 million per season.

That's where the issue comes in as Stephen Jones has taken a leadership role in contract negotiations and that means Prescott is about to be low-balled on a scale hitherto undreamt of. His cheapness has brought about fear that Prescott could be on the way out in 2025, and Trey Lance could be the new starter.

If that happens, at least we know Lance has been playing well as of late. Head coach Mike McCarthy praised the athleticism Lance possesses and said he's come a long way.

"His athleticism is top-notch,” McCarthy said of Lance during OTAs via Bri Amaranthus of SI Fan Nation. “You can see the improvement in his timing.” McCarthy added that Lance is "close to being a master of the system. He has a really high understanding. … He just needs as many reps as he can."

This could be coach speak but we'll all know soon enough. Lance is slated to be the featured quarterback throughout the preseason, which will tell us all we need to know. As of now, he's been a winner this offseason and he'll be given a chance to keep the momentum going.