6 Cowboys Cap Casualty Cuts to Save Millions This Offseason

If the Dallas Cowboys wanted to free up cap space, they could look to move on from these 6 players

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5. Bryan Anger, P

Pre-June 1 Savings: $3 million
Pre-June 1 Dead Money: $800,000
Post-June 1 Savings: $3 Million
Post-June 1 Dead Money: $800,000

For the past three seasons, the Dallas Cowboys have had one of the best punters in the NFL. Bryan Anger, who spent nine years in the NFL playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Bucs, and Houston Texans signed with Dallas in 2021 to a one-year deal. He then made the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career when he averaged 48.4 yards per punt with 24 landing inside the 20. He also had only four touchbacks on the year.

Anger performed so well that the Cowboys signed him to a three-year extension worth $9 million, making him one of the highest-paid punters in the NFL. So far, he's continued to earn that contract as he averaged 48.4 yards per punt once again in 2022 and then in 2023 had a career-high 51.4-yard average.

He also made the Pro Bowl for the second time and had just two touchbacks in 44 punts. That kind of efficiency can be a weapon, but he also makes a lot more money than the team would like to pay at the position. And if they get desperate for cap space, they can free up a full $3 million by letting him go.

If they were to do so, they would likely bring in a younger punter who would make a fraction of the money Anger makes. It would be a risk since he helped them win so many field position battles but it's one they could make.