6 Cowboys Cap Casualty Cuts to Save Millions This Offseason

If the Dallas Cowboys wanted to free up cap space, they could look to move on from these 6 players

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2. Brandin Cooks, WR

Pre-June 1 Savings: $4 million
Pre-June 1 Dead Money: $6 million
Post-June 1 Savings: $2 Million
Post-June 1 Dead Money: $8 million

Brandin Cooks wound up coming on strong as the season went along but it's hard to say his addition lived up to the hype. The veteran journeyman has played for five teams now and has recorded at least 1,000 yards for four of them. For Dallas, he had a mere 657 yards which is his lowest total since 2014 when he had 550 yards as a rookie for the New Orleans Saints.

In his defense, Cooks wasn't seeing the targets he should have early in the year. Dallas was still trying to justify their contract extension with Michael Gallup and foudn themselves force-feeding him often. Cooks suffered as he had fewer than 20 yards twice and didn't hit more than 49 yards until Week 9 against the New York Giants.

Cooks broke out in that one with 173 yards on nine receptions and scored a touchdown. He was much more involved from that point in the season on and recorded a total of 54 catches and eight touchdowns. The problem is, he never again topped the 100-yard mark and went AWOL in their loss to Buffalo with a total of 10 yards. He had 14 the following week in Miami, another loss, but nearly pulled off a game-winning touchdown to save some face.

Heading into the 2024 campaign, Dallas has a decision to make. Cooks could save them either $6 million or $8 million depending on when they released him but they can't simply do so without another option. Of course, if they do land another free agent they feel can take his spot, this could be a move to free up some space.