6 Cowboys on Thin Ice Heading Into the NFL Draft

These Cowboys are on thin ice heading into the NFL Draft
Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys
Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Mike McCarthy, Head Coach

Even if it’s not fair, Mike McCarthy enters this draft sliding all over the ice

The Cowboys’ front office continues to do things their own way — despite the continued failures. They remain the one team that sticks with five-year extensions for players rather than three (which was a sticking point in their first negotiations with Dak Prescott) and refuse to spend on outside free agents. 

They also love to play hardball with players during negotiations despite being burnt in the past by Prescott and DeMarcus Lawrence. That extends beyond players as well as they have no problem sending their coach out for a lame-duck season.

That’s what happened with Jason Garrett in 2019 as everyone knew he was coaching for his job. Now in 2024, they’re doing the same with McCarthy.

Despite winning 36 games over the past three seasons, they refuse to commit to him long-term. To make matters worse, they’re giving him a roster that has less talent than a season ago and might have Prescott playing in his final year as well.

The deck is stacked against McCarthy right now — and even though it might be good to get away from the Jones family, it might also be hard to find another head coaching gig if this season is a disaster.

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