6 Cowboys on Thin Ice Heading Into the Offseason

Which Dallas Cowboys players and coaches are on thin ice heading into the offseason?
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Another promising year of looking like a contender in the NFC, another disappointing finish for the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. Only, this wasn't just the "disappointing" variety -- this was the type of playoff loss that will get folks fired, and will cause Jerry Jones to make some sweeping decisions within the organization.

It's possible that some major changes could get made with the Cowboys within the next week, especially with the NFL head coach market looking like an absolute frenzy in 2024.

Where do the Cowboys go from here? Losing to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs is not exactly the same as a 16 seed beating a top seed in the NCAA basketball tournament, but this was an embarrassing loss -- at home -- for the Cowboys. All their regular season success over the last handful of years has been for nothing. This team is back to square one after squandering a golden opportunity to go on a run.

Who's on thin ice after that loss?

1. Mike McCarthy, Head Coach

I don't even know if we can say that Mike McCarthy is on "thin ice" at this point. It might be fair to say that McCarthy is trying to keep his head above the ice cold water after falling through. The Green Bay Packers gave McCarthy a violent shove into the thinnest part of the frozen lake, and he's gone under.

If I were Dallas Cowboys management, I probably would have made a major change at head coach last offseason. The idea of bringing Sean Payton to Dallas made way too much sense not to happen, but here we all are.

Now, the Cowboys have the choice of sticking with McCarthy again or going after coaches like Bill Belichick and Mike Vrabel. I mean, what would you choose to do in that instance?

Although McCarthy has taken more blame than he probably should have the last handful of years, I think it's also clear at this point that he's one of the common denominators preventing this team from going any further than we've seen in recent years. I think McCarthy is as good as gone.